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Guiding you through labor and employment law issues.

Employers face unprecedented workplace regulation and risk. Managing employees has become more difficult, and the potential consequences of mismanagement—or even perceived mismanagement—have become more dire. Husch Blackwell takes a service-first approach to assisting employers. Our labor and employment law team partners with clients to minimize risk and to aggressively solve labor and employment issues, whether through program development, day-to-day counseling, or labor dispute resolution. And when trial is your best option, we are your fiercest advocates.

The attorneys on our labor and employment law team are entrepreneurial and innovative in their approaches, and aggressive and bold in their strategies. We are comfortable in front of juries, and from the moment we are engaged, we prepare cases as if they will be tried before juries. We may not, but we will always be prepared.


Identifying and eliminating potential risks can help avert legal troubles. Our labor and employment law team counsels employers locally, regionally and nationally on state-of-the-art policy development and implementation and best practices in managing employees. Additionally, we advise on:

  • Affirmative action programs
  • Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) investigations
  • Collective bargaining agreements
  • Employee misconduct and whistleblower activity
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA)
  • Compliance audits
  • Employee handbooks, policies, and practices
  • Leave laws including Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • National Labor Relations Act (NLRA)/National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)
  • Workers' compensation


Employment practices often support business models and strategic plans. We have the experience and skills to protect these practices and steer you through the litigation process. Our national litigation work includes:

  • Class and collective actions, including wage and hour
  • Defense of employment discrimination, harassment, and retaliation claims
  • Defense of OSHA/MSHA citations, with a rapid response capability for fatalities and catastrophic accidents
  • Enforcement and defense of restrictive covenants
  • Trade secret and other confidential information protection
Case Study
Conagra Brands

Our team clarified important points of law regarding CBAs in this class action suit. 

Representative Experience

  • Obtained defense verdict on behalf of The Kansas City Southern Railway Co. in a week-long jury trial in St. Louis County, Missouri wherein an employee alleged that KCSR had violated the Federal Employers’ Liability Act, Federal Safety Appliance Act and the Locomotive Inspection Act.
  • Negotiated with OSHA on behalf of a medium-sized medical practice, successfully achieving the elimination of six citations and a penalty reduction of 80%.
  • Obtained dismissal of a whistleblower complaint filed with OSHA against a client in the cable television sector. The whistleblower accused our client of failing to provide him with certain safety equipment and of retaliating with wrongful termination.
  • Won summary judgment regarding two different union elections in two different cases, halting the unionization efforts at a major home healthcare provider. Because of this litigation success, attempts to unionize the client’s workforce were prevented.
  • Defended ConAgra Foods in a class and collective action filed by supervisors seeking overtime compensation alleging they were misclassified as "exempt" under state and federal wage and hour laws. The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed summary judgment for ConAgra and found that the supervisors satisfied all tests for the "executive" exemption under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and state law. The court also ruled on an issue of first impression and agreed that the plaintiffs were liable to ConAgra for its litigation costs.
  • Represented ConAgra Foods in a collective action filed by its employees seeking compensation for time spent dressing and undressing before and after their shifts, and walking to their work stations around those dressing activities. The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that ConAgra Foods did not violate the Fair Labor Standards Act. Deciding a novel issue of law in the Eighth Circuit, the court agreed that employees need not be paid to walk to or from their work stations when management and the labor union had agreed employees would not be paid for adjacent dressing time.
  • Defended Missouri-American Water Co. against 26 unfair labor practice charges filed by a union with the National Labor Relations Board. Won 24 of the charges and settled two, with settlements that required the posting of a notice, with no monetary outlay and no finding or admission of liability.
  • Represented client in lawsuit alleging violations of Fair Labor Standards Act (as well as the Colorado Wage Act and Colorado Minimum Wage Order Number 31) for unpaid overtime wages, penalties, and fees.
  • Represented manufacturing company in connection with a multi-year audit of compensation practices by the U.S. Department of Labor, alleging exposure for unpaid time in the range of several million dollars. The Husch Blackwell team successfully persuaded the DoL to conclude its investigation without any finding or assessment of penalty.
  • Represented university in a novel employment discrimination matter pending before the Wisconsin Equal Rights Division. Following intensive discovery and a multi-day evidentiary hearing, the Husch Blackwell team prevailed with a full dismissal for the client.
  • Successfully defended energy company in a workplace discrimination lawsuit filed by a former employee who claimed age discrimination, gender discrimination, associational race discrimination, and retaliation.
  • Assisted and counselled client through a reduction in force involving approximately 10% of its workforce in the spring of 2020.
  • Led the defense of a class and collective action where plaintiffs claimed unpaid overtime with alleged damages in the seven figures.
  • Represented Suddenlink in a collective action filed by a group of call center employees who alleged they were not paid for periods of time spent prior to clocking in (booting up computers and other work activities).
  • Served as labor & employment counsel for a crop improvement company as the growing AgTech firm went public via a SPAC.
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Avi Meyerstein, Stacey Bowman and Courtney Steelman have compiled a Pandemic Flu/Influenza/ Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention and Response Checklist for employers, published by Lexis Practice Advisor®.

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Key Labor & Employment Considerations for Developing a Return-to-Work Strategy

This article outlines a judicious return-to-work strategy, drawing upon the advice of experts in government and science who are developing tools to fight the virus.

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Coronavirus-Related School or Daycare Closures

Updated DOL Guidance Permits Concurrent Use of Employer-Provided Leave with Expanded Family and Medical Leave Under the FFCRA     

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2019 Wisconsin Act 185: Unemployment Provisions
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Colorado Overtime and Minimum Pay Standards Order

This impact will also be significant because non-exempt Colorado employees are entitled to overtime for workdays in excess of 12 hours, which is not a requirement under federal law. 

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2020 Hindsight
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With a little help from my friends
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Employers should evaluate and revise their drug policies to comply with the law and protect the health and safety of their workplace.

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News Releases | March 20, 2024
Husch Blackwell Lands Second Team in Minneapolis
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Husch Blackwell Elects 29 to 2023 New Partner Class
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BizTimes: Rising Stars in Law: Catarina Colón
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Husch Blackwell Prevails in Discrimination Lawsuit for CoxHealth

Husch Blackwell earned a victory in Missouri state court for CoxHealth, the Springfield-based healthcare system, in connection with race, national origin, workers’ compensation and disability discrimination claims, as well as claims of retaliation.

Media Mentions | April 19, 2022
Ingram's: 40 Under Forty Class of 2022
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Husch Blackwell Elects 36 to 2022 Partnership Class
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Rock Products: Biden Nominates Williamson for MSHA Head
News Releases | October 25, 2021
Husch Blackwell Lands Leading Litigator Tracy Wolf

Tracy Wolf joins Husch Blackwell’s Dallas office as a partner in its Labor & Employment practice team and Healthcare, Life Sciences & Education business unit.

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WDJT-TV: MPS considering all-staff vaccine mandate
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Jenna Brofsky to Receive 2020 Missouri Lawyers Media Up & Coming Award

Brofsky was part of a team that in June launched a tool to help small and mid-market businesses return to their worksites during COVID-19 by developing Return-to-Work policies that comply with applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations.

Media Mentions | June 19, 2020
Kansas City Business Journal: Husch lawyer: LGBTQ ruling is groundbreaking, but gray areas remain

The Supreme Court’s ruling in Bostock v. Clayton County created a landmark decision protecting homosexual or transgender employment, but it leaves questions unanswered.

Media Mentions | June 17, 2020
St. Louis Business Journal: What employers need to know about the Supreme Court's ruling on LGBTQ rights

"Update your policies, and know that much ambiguity remains."

News Releases | March 31, 2020
Missouri Lawyers Weekly Chooses Two Husch Blackwell Litigators for 2020 Women's Justice Awards

Jones and Robinson are members of the firm’s Real Estate, Development & Construction industry group and Construction Litigation practice team.

News Releases | January 21, 2020
Janelle Carter Anderson Joins Husch Blackwell's Chicago Office

Anderson brings a diverse background to her practice with service as in-house counsel to a global healthcare and technology education provider as well as a state university.

News Releases | January 21, 2020
Janelle Carter Anderson Joins Husch Blackwell's Chicago Office

Anderson brings a diverse background to her practice with service as in-house counsel to a global healthcare and technology education provider as well as a state university.

News Releases | October 01, 2019
Benchmark Litigation's 2020 Edition Recognizes 33 Husch Blackwell Attorneys

The firm also received Benchmark’s “Highly Recommended” ranking in Missouri and Wisconsin and its “Recommended” ranking in Nebraska.

News Releases | August 15, 2019
Husch Blackwell Places 143 Lawyers in 2020 BL Rankings' Best Lawyers in America®

The firm has eight "Lawyers of the Year" and 11 attorneys appearing on the list for the first time.

News Releases | July 29, 2019
Tyler Hibler Joins Husch Blackwell's Kansas City Office

Hibler, a litigator, has significant experience representing companies and individuals in complex litigation in state and federal courts throughout the country.

News Releases | July 19, 2019
Demetrius Peterson Named to Centurions Leadership Program's Fall 2021 Class

The Centurions Leadership Program is a two-year immersion in leadership and community engagement activities.

Media Mentions | June 25, 2019
Steve Scaffidi Show: The Gig Economy (AUDIO)

Husch Blackwell has a very strong labor and employment practice. The team goes out of its way to anticipate our needs and use its knowledge to strategize and foresee next steps.

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