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Husch Blackwell volunteers at Central Texas Food Bank.

HB Communities for Change

Creating meaningful change. Together.

HB Communities for Change is the firm’s effort to harness the energy throughout its offices nationally to make positive change with respect to racial justice.

Through HB Communities for Change, we will actively pursue opportunities to contribute our resources and talents to promote equity, inclusion and justice – continuing and expanding on our pro bono commitments, exploring new relationships with organizations that are on the front lines, partnering with our clients and community members, and financially supporting initiatives that seek to end racial inequality in America.

Testimonials Maurice Watson, Of Counsel and former Husch Blackwell Chairman

"Many well-meaning white men and women, distraught over police abuse of blacks, have asked me, as a black man: “What can I do?” My response is: “Do more than ‘feel bad.’” What is now required is action — intentional, thoughtful and disciplined action." Maurice kicks off the inaugural session of our DE&I Speaker Series.  

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Testimonials Tricia "TJ" Jackson, Associate, Austin

"The DE&I culture at Husch Blackwell means acknowledging the unique and inherent challenges that diverse attorneys and employees face, and then taking intentional steps, not only to mitigate those challenges as they apply in the workplace, but also closing the gap in representation by advancing diverse individuals into the highest levels of leadership. TJ will moderate the inaugural session of our DE&I Speaker Series. 

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Testimonials Jeff Simon, Office Managing Partner, Kansas City

"There is so much more work to do on the DE&I front. And one of the most important things we can do right now is to open our hearts, minds and ears to the people and the voices in the street. To hear the voices of those who can’t breathe, those whose breath the business community can help to restore if we act with empathy, humility, compassion and resolve." Jeff worked with Nina Perales, a guest in our second DE&I Speaker Series program.

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Testimonials Catarina Colón, Associate, Milwaukee

"The responsibility of ensuring that Husch Blackwell is a diverse and inclusive workplace falls on all of us, not just our colleagues of color and firm leadership. Learning about DE&I is a continuous process, consisting of both education and action. While HB Communities of Change is a great place to start, I encourage all HB attorneys and staff to continue to do your research, recognize your privilege, fight racial injustice, and become better allies for your friends and colleagues." Catarina will moderate the second session of our DE&I speaker series.

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Testimonials Franco Spraggins, General Counsel, EVERSANA

“I continue to be astonished by how many of my non-diverse colleagues are unaware about the history of racial injustice. Don’t be afraid to educate. Awareness is at the genesis of any movement because empathy is a catalyst for activism, and activism is the elixir for change.” Franco joins us for the third installment of our DE&I Speakers Series.

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News Release

Husch Blackwell launches new community-focused program on racial justice.

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