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Mentoring & Sponsorship

Fostering Leadership and Readiness

Our clients are best supported when our attorneys and business professionals understand they are fully supported to innovate, grow, and move ahead. 

We maintain multiple sponsorship and mentoring initiatives to support our employees, especially our attorneys with underrepresented racial and/or LGBTQ+ identities. These initiatives partner junior and mid-level attorneys with seasoned attorneys to help them grow their careers. We also ensure all attorneys with underrepresented racial and/or LGBTQ+ identities have the opportunity to partner with a Diversity Liaison, key leaders in our firm who advocate on their behalf.

Our sponsorship initiative increases diversity at the firm’s highest ranks by ensuring talented attorneys from underrepresented groups have a voice in the future of the firm. The initiative matches select senior associates and fixed income partners with sponsors, helping them advance to partner or equity partner. Sponsors foster success by touting protégés to colleagues and clients, securing high-visibility work assignments, including them in business development, directing business to them, and helping them make progress toward quantitative standards for advancement.

Husch Blackwell also nurtures business professionals at all levels in order to grow their potential, be their own best boss, and expand their talents. We encourage everyone at the firm to participate in a comprehensive selection of professional and technical training seminars. Husch Blackwell also offers incentives for incoming business professionals to complete a cross-disciplinary curriculum that includes expanded knowledge on the firm’s pro bono initiatives, hands-on learning of cutting-edge technologies, and skills challenges that build cross-proficient teams and allow our business professionals to explore new directions.