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Delivering value through innovative solutions.

The curiosity and enthusiasm of our people are natural drivers of innovation and we have the confidence to be different. We combine leading technology, process, and design tools to find efficient and creative solutions that add value and enhance our partnership with clients. Our solutions include:

HB Innovations, LLC

As a subsidiary of the firm, HB Innovations, LLC serves as an internal development incubator for new legal technology. This structure allows us to effectively create and license proprietary technology solutions that streamline business and legal processes.

Artificial Intelligence

A client negotiating a business deal required the due diligence of reviewing 937 customer agreements so as to make an informed decision on deal structure by the following afternoon. Using Cloud-based machine learning software, KIRA, Husch Blackwell flagged 497 restrictive or unfavorable terms and other detailed contract provisions in less than four hours. Prior to artificial intelligence, the job would have taken at least 10 associates and upwards of $10,000 in client fees. Using AI is one of the ways Husch Blackwell delivers clients cost containment.

Get Started! Collaborative Communities

Developing next-generation entrepreneurs, we counsel startups, growth-stage entrepreneurs, innovators and disruptors nationwide who trust our accelerator programs to design, plan, launch, stabilize and expand. Our Get Started! attorneys guide individuals and young companies through every stage of business development. We negotiate and streamline formation and structuring, financing, corporate governance, intellectual property, licensing, privacy policies, nondisclosure and vendor agreements, and exit strategy, among other complex legal issues startups face. Having successfully run their own small businesses, lawyers on our Get Started! team are passionate about positioning clients for optimal results, amplifying success and protecting new ideas.

The organizations and sponsorships we collaborate with include:

Startup Diagnostic Tool

If you are unsure what legal issues might apply to your new business or when to address those potential issues, our Startup Diagnostic Tool, developed by our innovative startups team, will help to ensure your new startup gets off on the right foot.

Client Portals

We designed ExtraAdvantage – a secure and customized client portal – to monitor, coordinate and manage your legal needs. As a supplement to our personal relationships, ExtraAdvantage serves as our 24/7 connection to you and your team. This custom client portal collaboration avoids heavy and confusing email traffic and tends to reduce legal spend.

eDiscovery Solutions

Review costs can quickly escalate without proper tools and a well-planned review strategy. Our eDiscovery Solutions team uses review software such as Relativity, which allows us to host most of our cases in-house, with little added client cost. We also lead the industry in use of technology assisted review (TAR) and predictive coding to increase review efficiency.

Legal Project Management

Our dedicated Legal Project Management team ensures that clients always know the status of their projects. We promote efficiency, transparency and certainty through careful scoping, planning, monitoring and reviewing.

Strategic Pricing

We recognize that simple discounted or blended hourly rate fee arrangements may not streamline your legal spend. For greater cost certainty, we design creative fee arrangements tailored to client needs. With more than 20 years of experience, we offer innovative strategies in pricing. 

Clery Compliance Toolset

HB Innovations, LLC worked to develop the online drag-and-drop technology, Clery Compliance Toolset (CCT), allowing colleges and universities to fully comply with federal crime and safety standards set by the Clery Act. Higher education clients can purchase a subscription to this service to address all campus reporting challenges regarding policies, procedures and generating annual reports.

Design Thinking Workshops

As part of our commitment to innovation, we employ design thinking methods both internally and externally to creatively solve problems. This iterative process of empathizing, ideating and prototyping produces intuitive solutions that deliver optimal value to clients.

The legal industry has changed and we have responded. Clients expect more innovative solutions and we strive to exceed those expectations. Our goals include providing the highest caliber advice for complicated legal issues, applying new technology and data analytics to legal challenges, and bringing greater value and price certainty to legal spending. We have purposefully transformed our culture and structure to meet our clients' business objectives. 


  • Value Focused: By deliberately fostering a culture that combines creativity, efficiency and collaboration, our tailored solutions provide the value clients expect.
  • Tech Savvy: We constantly evaluate and pilot new technology, looking for solutions that enhance efficiency, create transparency and increase access. 
  • Enthusiastic: Our passion to add value is apparent by how we’re transforming the way we work with clients and how we think about innovation.
  • Collaborative: Rather than traditional metrics, we reward relationship building and client success.


  • Industry Focus: By reorganizing around industries in 2012, we are better aligned with clients' business needs.
  • Working Lean: With 18 U.S. offices, our agile teams can scale to the complexity of local matters.
  • Dedication: Our Innovation team works hand in hand with our attorneys based on client needs and objectives. 
Testimonials Dr. Clarence Green, Chief of University Police and Vice President of Culture, Northwest Missouri State University

“Northwest Missouri State University has used the Clery Compliance Toolset for more than four years and it has worked great! It expedites the process and has tons of model policy language built into the system. It also allows you to build your daily crime report. Great Tool.”

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Testimonials Dan Rexroth, President & Chief Executive Officer, John Knox Village Care Center

"Both parties are establishing a budget and both parties are working to achieve that budget. So that’s a really a great way to do business."

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Testimonials Adriana Cisneros Basulto, founder of Maxwell, judge and former winner of Get Started Omaha

“As a founder and former winner of Get Started Omaha, I am delighted to be returning as a judge for this year’s competition! The exposure and connections we received through the competition and beyond helped us build what Maxwell is today - a single employer solution for modern benefits, rewards & peer giving, that help teams “crush it.” We love the Husch Blackwell Startup team who “crushes it” every time!”

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