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Find your purpose.

Your legal knowledge and experience is invaluable to both our clients and our team. It takes bold insight and a broad perspective to provide our clients with the services they need, and we are committed to a deep understanding of their markets, businesses and industries, to provide the experienced, dedicated counsel they deserve.

Never stop developing your career.

When you join Husch Blackwell, you will receive exceptional professional development opportunities. We’re invested in you and your growth, and provide numerous training programs for career management, business and practice development, client industries, business acumen and ethics. Just as important, you will be surrounded by a team of experienced attorneys, all dedicated to equipping you for success and you'll have access to Total Health, a program that empowers you to achieve your personal health goals while creating a culture of wellbeing by offering a variety of wellness programs and services.

We value new ideas. We’re driven by the pursuit of excellence, and believe that the talent, knowledge and perspectives of our people will lead us there. Contact us to begin your legal career at Husch Blackwell.

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Career Journeys Adam Buddenbohn, Associate, The Link Virtual Office

“At Husch Blackwell, you are a lot more than just the number of hours you bill in a year or your hourly rate.”

Learn more about Adam's career journey
Career Journeys Jennifer Hinds, Associate, The Link Virtual Office

“Focus on being indispensable both to clients and the firm in all aspects of your law career.”

Learn more about Jennifer's career journey
Career Journeys Derek Taylor, Partner, Milwaukee

“We have partners who not only are very capable in their expertise but really hungry to develop new business. Being like-minded, we are more than willing to help each other.”

Learn more about Derek's career journey
Career Journeys Cortney Morgan, Partner, Washington, DC

“We have a ton of incredible resources available to help our attorneys think like and understand our clients so that we can be better partners.” 

Read why Cortney moved her practice to Husch Blackwell
Career Journeys Marshall Custer, Partner, Denver

"Husch Blackwell has some things in the works that will allow us to leverage the expertise we’ve gained in over 10 years in the marijuana space and save our clients a lot of time and money."

Read how Marshall's cannabis practice has thrived at Husch Blackwell
Career Journeys Christina Moore, Partner, St. Louis

"Husch Blackwell is unique in that it has such a broad group of highly specialized and experienced attorneys. It gives me confidence that no matter what the issue, I’m going to be able to find someone who can help."

Read how Husch Blackwell supports Christina's work/life balance
Career Journeys Matthew M. Kamps, Partner, Chicago

"The way Husch Blackwell leadership has handled our mental health, our safety, our families – they are unbelievably concerned about us." 

Read why Matt feels a sense of "I landed in the right spot" at Husch Blackwell
Career Journeys Jesse Ainlay, Senior Counsel, The Link Virtual Office

“We just think about legal representation differently, and seeing your clients truly appreciate that makes all the hard work worth it.”

Learn how The Link Virtual Office gives Jesse the flexibility he needs for his family
Career Journeys Rebecca Mitich, Office Managing Partner, Milwaukee

“The way you succeed is by your commitment to the team – pushing the collective goal forward at all times.”

Discover more about Rebecca's experience at Husch Blackwell
Career Journeys Stephen Bosco, Senior Counsel, The Link Virtual Office

“As The Link is one of the firm's largest offices, I knew I wouldn’t be the only attorney working remotely. There was a whole system in place I could join, which was really attractive to me.”

Find out why our virtual office, The Link, was right for Stephen

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