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Legal Operations

Reimagining the Ways Legal Work is Done

At Husch Blackwell, we’re a forward-thinking firm. We’ve long been among the first in the industry to adopt new technologies and innovative internal structures: Legal Project Management works hand in hand with Strategic Pricing, Matter Intake, and the rest of our Client Development team. We’re continually seeking better ways to deliver services—as well as ways to help our clients improve their own operations.

Matter Management and Budgeting

Our Legal Project Management team educates and assists attorneys in scoping and budgeting large, complex transactions and litigation matters. Project managers work alongside legal teams to facilitate kick-off calls, status meetings, financial check-ins, and post-matter review sessions. They also collaborate with in-house legal operations teams to resolve billing issues, track matter portfolios, and improve workflow handoffs. 

Technology and Programs

Our Legal Operations team members are well versed in software platforms and prioritize exploring new technology opportunities. We’re often among the first to adopt new programs and technology platforms. We collaborate with clients to optimize technology use for their needs.

Our progressive use of AI boosts efficiency and cost-effectiveness for lean teams. Unlike many firms of our size, we also have Data Science and Robotics Process Automation teams who provide data insights, process improvements, and leverage machine learning and ChatGPT. Their exploration of new ideas keeps us at the forefront of data and AI technology.

Matter Onboarding

Our objective is to offer streamlined, efficient services—and we know this is never more important than when new clients are transitioning numerous high-stakes matters to the firm. Seamless matter onboarding is an area where our Legal Operations team truly excels. We’ve handled substantial onboarding projects with hundreds of matters and quick timeframes, and we’re pros at keeping the process running smoothly.

For large transitions, a dedicated project manager ensures smooth coordination and early problem detection. We prioritize client communication through kickoff calls and relationship reviews, ensuring client preferences are met. We boost efficiency by connecting our professionals with the client's legal operations teams, fostering deeper connections.

Our onboarding process sets the foundation for successful relationships. We spend nonbillable time learning about your business, people, and strategic goals so that we’re ingrained in your company from the beginning, creating a natural partnership based on mutual understanding and objectives.

Our Legal Operations team not only enhances our operations but also helps clients boost their efficiency. We provide education, training, and coaching to help clients manage their legal teams. Our services include streamlining billing platforms, consulting on team building, assisting in vendor vetting, partnering for summits, offering matter management training, and identifying project inefficiencies. We always aim to make clients’ operations more successful.

Client Success
John Knox Village

"Both parties are establishing a budget and both parties are working to achieve that budget. So that’s a really a great way to do business." - Dan Rexroth, President & Chief Executive Officer, John Knox Village Care Center

Client Success
Contract Lifecycle Management for a Large Packaging Distributor

After nearly a year of working with the new contract management system and technology solutions, the company’s CFO remarked how much he appreciated Husch Blackwell’s proactive posture as a “value-added supplier.”

Media Mentions | September 27, 2022
Using Technology to Fight the Litigation Talent War
News Releases | May 28, 2020
Husch Blackwell Named CLOC's Inaugural Legal Innovation in Operations Project Award Winner

Husch Blackwell is believed to be the only law firm to date to be recognized by both the CLOC LIO Project and ACC Value Champion award series for its ability to implement legal solutions that cut spending, improve predictability and achieve better outcomes.

Key Contacts

Lann Wasson, PMP

Associate Director of Legal Project Management
Husch Blackwell is a proud member of the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC).
Husch Blackwell is a proud member of the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC).
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ACC recognizes Husch Blackwell for innovation for the third time.
ACC recognizes Husch Blackwell for innovation for the third time.
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We were looking for an approach that would reduce our costs and risk; allowing our internal team to focus on other litigation priorities while staying fully informed to make key strategic decisions.

Molly M. Jones, Senior Assistant General Counsel, Litigation, Bayer U.S.