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Husch Blackwell Launches HB In-House, a Unique Career Development Program to Help Lawyers Transition to In-House Roles and Enhance Client Service

Training curriculum developed in collaboration with clients, who serve as instructors and coaches



April 22, 2024
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National law firm Husch Blackwell announced today the launch of HB In-House, a one-of-its-kind professional development program aimed at helping attorneys gain an intimate understanding of in-house roles, enhancing the firm’s ability to cater more effectively to its clients, and providing career development opportunities for attorneys who are interested in transitioning to corporate counsel roles. 

The inaugural program launches this summer and will take place over four months, starting in June and concluding at the end of September. The curriculum is designed to: 1) provide attorneys with an inside view of their clients’ roles and responsibilities; and 2) for those attorneys interested in moving in-house, provide them with the tools necessary for a successful transition to an in-house position. 

“Our clients are at the heart of everything we do, and this program is a perfect example of how we work with them to deliver better service. That may mean providing them with the lawyers they need in-house. By teaching our lawyers about the needs of in-house legal departments and helping them develop the necessary skills, it will ensure a smooth transition should any of our attorneys move in-house and enable them to make a significant contribution on day one,” said Joe Glynias, Husch Blackwell’s Chair and HB In-House program architect. “In addition, we believe in investing in our people, and this program is one way to help our attorneys understand how corporate legal departments function, which will ultimately make them better partners to our clients.”

“There is nothing like this in the marketplace right now and is another example of our uncommon approach to running a law firm and serving our clients and our people,” said Chief Client Officer Angela Quinn. “We recognize that not everyone wants to follow the traditional partner track, and this is our way of ensuring that we are training our lawyers to grow by providing them varied career opportunities to accomplish that. We are already a top supplier of in-house talent, and we see this as a great service to our clients as we train future generations of in-house talent.”

Husch Blackwell was among the top five law firms in the country supplying candidates for general counsel or chief legal officer roles, according to a study conducted by law firm intelligence company Firm Prospects. From February 2017 through May 2021, the scope of the study, the firm has placed 17 former colleagues as general counsel.

HB In-House was created in close collaboration with some of the firm’s clients, who will have active roles in the program as faculty and mentors.

“It is not possible to capture the gratitude we have for these client partners who gave and will give so much of their time to help build a future for other attorneys who want to better understand the role and life of in-house counsel,” Glynias said. “We are fortunate to have such committed partners, and we know there are countless more who will team with us as the program progresses.”

In total, over 25 clients provided input and insights to develop the curriculum, which includes three components:

  • Education: Participants will learn about the roles and responsibilities of in-house attorneys, the structure of legal teams, and the differences between private practice and in-house legal work. This information will help them assess if an in-house position aligns with their career goals.
  • Training: The training series will cover topics such as understanding a company’s business and how legal departments support business goals, managing a budget, comprehending key financial statements and reports, identifying, assessing, managing and mitigating risks, building relationships and being part of a team, and developing leadership skills. Participants will actively engage in learning these skills and applying them to real-world scenarios.
  • Coaching: During the course period, attorneys will have access to various coaching programs. These programs include individual coaching, the opportunity to join a coaching cohort, and being paired with an in-house advisor to receive guidance and mentorship. Additionally, attorneys may be offered the chance to participate in a secondment, which will provide an immersive experience.


Angela S. Quinn

Chief Client Officer