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The Legal Department: How Big Law Is Helping To Develop The Legal Department: Joe Glynias Husch Blackwell



May 21, 2024

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ICYMI, there’s a sea change happening at law firms. Progressive firms like Husch Blackwell are recognizing that law practice isn’t a one-size-fits-all career. After noticing that colleagues who left the firm for in-house roles were unprepared or maybe didn’t find the right fit, Glynias worked with the professional development team led by Sommer Bougie and in-house lawyers from the firm’s client base to develop a program to help its own attorneys explore in-house careers. The firm estimates that 42% of its business comes through in-house alumni. But the business case wasn’t the “why” for creating this program, Joe and Husch Blackwell have a passion for developing attorneys. 

In this episode of The Legal Department, host Stacy Bratcher explores this innovative program and how its triple aim benefits firm lawyers, the firm, and ultimately, their clients. Joe also shares his thoughts on how to build a relationship with outside counsel that is mutually beneficial for the client and the firm. It all comes down to communication and using the Golden Rule in your relationships.

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