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Artificial Intelligence

Legal and regulatory challenges in connection with AI may not be apparent to developers and users of the technology but need to be considered carefully—and early—to manage risk.

In response to emerging uses for artificial intelligence (AI) across many industries, new legal and regulatory frameworks governing AI’s development and use are quickly being developed at the state and federal level, as well as internationally. This rapidly evolving landscape can leave businesses and their leadership teams trying to catch up rather than staying ahead of the curve. Husch Blackwell’s Artificial Intelligence team stands ready to provide the comprehensive legal counsel needed to meet this challenge, allowing clients to capitalize on AI to advance their business goals. Our team comprises lawyers gathered from the firm’s nationally ranked industry and practice groups focused on bringing order to the chaos surrounding the implementation and use of AI across all industries.

Our attorney team brings deep industry-specific knowledge of AI’s impacts across a wide spectrum of business operations, including banking and finance, transportation and logistics, higher education, digital health, manufacturing, and retail, among others. As a firm, Husch Blackwell has been proactive in establishing one of the largest in-house teams of data scientists of any U.S. law firm. Our data scientists engage in building and operationalizing AI solutions to augment our delivery of legal services, and through their experience, our AI practice team understands the risks and challenges AI presents throughout the entire development timeline, from initial R&D to monetization. We use that perspective in counseling clients, including technology developers, end users, and investors.

Our attorneys advise clients in impacted industries on issues including:

  • Development and implementation of AI policies and procedures
  • Regulatory compliance with state and international data privacy laws
  • Corporate transactions involving AI technology
  • Venture capital funding of AI development
  • Intellectual property law issues in connection with the use of AI
  • Labor and employment implications on hiring and retention practices

We work closely with technologists, corporate legal departments, and risk management professionals to assess how AI impacts each client’s regulatory compliance program. We train and assist in crafting compliance regimes that respond efficiently to the risks posed by AI and that allow clients to pursue the amazing opportunities connected to AI. We are committed to staying on top of the industry and legal issues and developments important to your business to empower your team to implement AI to its highest and best uses.

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