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Legal Insights for Manufacturing: Outlook for 2024

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With each passing day it becomes more apparent the world that entered the COVID-19 pandemic is not the world that emerged from it.

Our downloadable report, Legal Insights for Manufacturing, explores how the business, legal, and regulatory framework is evolving—and will evolve—to address the large generational shifts taking place. This year, our report covers the following areas:

  • Labor and Employment
  • Regulatory & Compliance
  • International Trade & Supply Chain
  • Cybersecurity
  • Corporate Transactions
  • Product Liability, Safety & Marketing

We also have special sections devoted to the cosmetics industry, the implications of artificial intelligence for intellectual property, and PFAS-related litigation.

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You can also visit our team’s page throughout the year to stay up to date on legal and regulatory changes that impact the manufacturing industry.


Wendy K. Arends


Nicole Bashor


Erik Dullea


Thomas P. Godar

Of Counsel

Salvador Hernandez

Senior Compliance and Ethics Advisor

Trecia Moore

Senior Counsel

Magda Patitsas


Terry L. Potter

Senior Counsel

Gregg N. Sofer