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International Trade & Supply Chain

Smooth moves.

Husch Blackwell helps clients maximize the opportunities and manage the challenges inherent in the globalization of supply chains. Companies that move goods across borders rely on our team’s knowledgeable guidance on everyday matters, such as obtaining tariff classifications, as well as our experience with enforcement, lobbying, litigation, risk assessment and complex trade strategies. 

Many of our professionals gained substantial practical knowledge while serving at key federal regulatory agencies, courts and congressional committees. Our team’s primary location in Washington, D.C., also offers close access to pertinent agencies and decision-makers. When necessary, we work closely with select firms in foreign countries to ensure comprehensive solutions meet individual needs.

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WPC Technologies

Our team achieved a unanimous decision and helped a small American manufacturer level the playing field by achieving fair pricing for its core product.

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Our team secured a first-of-its-kind decision from the U.S. Court of International Trade.

Case Study
Stelfast Inc.

We stood by our client when the U.S. Government mistakenly billed it $200 million in customs duties.