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Legal Insights for Manufacturing: Outlook for 2023

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What manufacturers can expect in the new year.

The long-term trends that have shaped international commerce during the post-Cold War period are changing. The engines of the era—the relatively free flow of capital across borders, the lengthy and complex global supply chains, the super-cycle of cheap credit, the stable supply of energy, and the steadily liberalizing global trade regime—have stalled or reversed course, as we enter a new period defined by very different trends, including the reappearance of high inflation and a new appreciation for credit risk.

Our downloadable report, “Legal Insights for Manufacturing,” explores how the legal and regulatory framework is evolving—and will evolve—to address the large generational shifts taking place. Broadly, these changes will potentially create risk in the following areas during 2023:

  • Supply chain risk and reshoring
  • Cybersecurity and data protection
  • Heightened regulatory and enforcement risk
  • Product safety and associated liability
  • Increased unionization and skilled labor scarcity

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You can also visit our team’s page on the Husch Blackwell website throughout the year to stay up to date on legal and regulatory changes that impact the manufacturing industry.


Nicole Bashor


Salvador Hernandez

Senior Compliance and Ethics Advisor

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Senior Counsel