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Tube Investments of India

Chennai, India


At the conclusion of the antidumping and countervailing duty investigations concerning cold-drawn mechanical tubing from India, Tube Investments of India (TII), a significant global manufacturer of auto parts unexpectedly received an adverse determination by the U.S. Department of Commerce resulting in enterprise-threatening duties. TII worked together with Husch Blackwell to find a solution and significantly reduce their margins in the first administrative review.


The processes surrounding administrative reviews of antidumping and countervailing duty orders by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the strategies employed to effectively reduce antidumping and countervailing margins involve a year long process of data collection, analysis, onsite client visits, and detailed legal analysis of both procedural changes and legal developments that have to be conducted in parallel to ensure effective end results.


After being engaged to represent TII, the Husch Blackwell International Trade team spent more than eighteen months reviewing every aspect of TII’s use of subsidies by the Indian government and the company’s costs and sales for the antidumping duty review to ensure that every single element of TII’s questionnaire responses were accurate.


After carefully laying out comprehensive responses to Commerce’s numerous questionnaires, the Department issued its final results in the countervailing duty administrative review utilizing all of Tube Investment’s reported data, thereby reducing the margin by over 38 percent. In the companion antidumping duty review, Husch Blackwell was able to achieve a similar error-free result without a single modification to TII’s reported data. As a result, the client can now effectively begin the process of regaining its share of the U.S. market for its exports.