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Financial Times Recognizes Husch Blackwell as a Top 25 Innovative Firm



December 08, 2023

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National law firm Husch Blackwell has been recognized as one of the industry’s most innovative law firms in the Financial Times’ 2023 North America Innovative Lawyers report.

On the heels of being named one of only eight firms considered for the 2023 Best Law Firm of the Year award by The American Lawyer, Husch Blackwell secured a position in the top 25 of FT’s list of innovative firms. The FT rankings considered a combination of factors, including innovation, digital solutions, diversity and inclusion and talent development, social responsibility, and revenue growth.

Highlighting the use of generative AI, Husch Blackwell’s in-house AI and Data Science Team, which launched in March 2020, actively engages in several generative AI research and development projects, delivering significant value across the entire firm.

“Leveraging generative AI has enhanced our operations, strengthened client relationships, and transformed our talent recruitment process,” said Blake Rooney, Husch Blackwell’s Chief Information Officer. “Husch Blackwell continues to invest in cutting-edge technology for service delivery and I commend the firm’s Research & Library Services team for bringing these invaluable new capabilities in house.”

Under Chief Executive Paul Eberle’s leadership, Husch Blackwell has implemented a strategic plan that positioned the firm well to take advantage of all opportunities there are to grow. Jamie Lawless is set to assume the role of the firm’s second chief executive with a business background in February 2024, succeeding Eberle, whose 2018 appointment challenged long-standing legal industry status quo.

With the firm’s innovative use of technology, it has created a workplace geared for business growth as well as employee well-being and professional development.

Since its launch in July 2020, The Link has grown to more than 600 attorneys and professional staff in more than 40 cities across the United States. Husch Blackwell ranked 10th on Quartz’s Best Companies for Remote Workers for large companies. The firm’s Future of Work initiative, offering all its lawyers and professional staff a choice to work however they see fit, has changed the way Husch Blackwell uses its resources and delivers services to clients, enhanced its DE&I efforts, and expanded its geographic reach while reducing its office space cost.

In addition to the FT listing, Husch Blackwell’s Litigation department received the Association of Corporate Counsel’s Value Champion award in 2017, 2018, and 2022. This accolade recognizes collaborations that delivered substantial value to client organizations by cutting spending, improving predictability, and achieving better legal results.

Financial Times published the Innovative Lawyers report as part of the Innovative Lawyers North America Awards 2023, its annual series recognizing the legal industry’s most innovative leaders, law firms, and corporate departments. View the FT Top Innovative Firms here.


Blake Rooney

Chief Information Officer