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Association of Corporate Counsel Names Monsanto and Husch Blackwell 2018 Value Champions



May 15, 2018

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Husch Blackwell partners with client to take home its second consecutive Value Champion award.

The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) has recognized Monsanto and Husch Blackwell for their collaboration in implementing an innovative program that delivers superior outcomes in the defense of nationwide litigation.

A component of the ACC Value Challenge—which promotes reconnecting the cost and value of legal services— the ACC Value Champions initiative recognizes collaborations that delivered substantial value to their client organizations by cutting spending, improving predictability and achieving better legal results.

Husch Blackwell partnered with Monsanto to design and implement an innovative national coordinating counsel model for toxic tort litigation. This novel approach includes use of a proprietary algorithm that assesses risk and probable outcomes in order to channel resources appropriately based on the threat and complexity presented in each case. Customized reporting and communication is embedded in the model to ensure Monsanto has constant visibility to all litigation activity, receives alerts for significant events and has the information required for strategic decision-making. After employing the new model, Monsanto’s active case load declined by 53 percent, helping Monsanto’s internal team to focus on other litigation priorities.

“Our team is honored to have been recognized as a Value Champion,” said J.Y. Miller, the Husch Blackwell partner lead on the Monsanto collaboration. “I’m extremely pleased with the overwhelming success we were able to achieve with Monsanto. I’m confident this model will continue to deliver improved results year after year.”

The 2018 Value Champions award marks the second consecutive year that the ACC has recognized a Husch Blackwell client collaboration. The firm also won a 2017 Value Champions honor for its collaboration with Express Scripts Inc.

The award will be formally presented at the ACC Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas, October 21-24, 2018.

The complete list of the 2018 ACC Value Champions can be viewed online on the ACC website.


Jordan T. Ault


Kevin Bielawski, MBA, PMP, ALPP

Director of Legal Operations

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Chief Growth Officer

Jennifer Cecil


Douglas B. Dougherty

Senior Counsel

G. Joe Ellis

Senior Counsel

Bryan Hopkins


J.Y. Miller

Office Managing Partner

Mary Kate Mullen

Senior Associate

Theresa M. Mullineaux

Senior Associate

Lisa Schroeder

Senior Paralegal

Mark G. Zellmer