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Husch Blackwell Launches COVID-19 Vaccine Policy Generator



March 23, 2021

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Husch Blackwell is pleased to announce the launch of a new tool designed to help companies of all sizes quickly prepare and implement workplace policies related to COVID-19 vaccines that are compliant with federal, state and local law.

Available to clients of the firm, the COVID-19 Vaccine Policy Generator is an easy-to-use tool that utilizes a short, secure questionnaire to generate a customized COVID-19 vaccine policy, which includes any state-specific requirements or exemptions, to their desired approach. The resulting policy is then reviewed by attorneys of the firm’s COVID-19 team and refined as needed. Pricing for the policy is transparent and accessible upfront via the questionnaire.

“With vaccines becoming more widely available across the country, our goal is to protect our clients’ people and businesses from COVID-19 and that starts with plans and policies that address the associated risk levels of COVID-19 transmission among their workforces,” said Brittany Falkowski, partner in Husch Blackwell’s St. Louis office. “This tool reduces the required time and expense by automating and leveraging our knowledge of health, safety and employment issues, as well as our extensive experience helping clients navigate the COVID-19 crisis. This tool provides employers with options of mandating, incentivizing, or encouraging vaccinations, and includes accommodation provisions for various objections, if necessary.”

The COVID-19 Vaccine Policy Generator will enable Husch Blackwell to deliver draft policies to clients in about three business days. Businesses interested in utilizing the tool that are not current clients of the firm would need to pass through a standard conflict check prior to receiving access. The tool is not networked with existing firm systems, and no data is stored permanently.


Jenna Brofsky