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Husch Blackwell's Construction Academy Launches Record Retention Policy Tool

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Husch Blackwell’s Construction Academy is pleased to announce the launch of a new tool that enables construction, design and development professions to create customized record retention plans.

The Record Retention Policy Generator harnesses Husch Blackwell’s legal experience in the way its construction clients create and manage data, as well as the firm’s extensive experience in helping clients navigate the discovery process in litigation to provide an organized record retention policy and mitigate litigation risk.

“Every company needs a record retention plan to protect itself from liability, especially given the explosion of data in the digital age and particularly given the enormous amount and variety of information construction, design and development professionals need to preserve,” said Joshua B. Levy, partner and Construction Academy co-lead. “Our end goal is to take a client pain point and convert it into a real-world, easy-to-implement record retention policy that these professionals can put to immediate use.”

Husch Blackwell’s Construction Academy and Innovation teams have taken the headache out of building a customized record retention policy by condensing the process into three easy-to-follow steps:

  1. A Q&A via a secure survey form walks companies through key questions about their workplace(s) with the goal of building a custom-tailored, researched-based draft policy.
  2. A Husch Blackwell team of attorneys then reviews and finalizes the draft policy for review.
  3. A team attorney consults with the policy requestor and reviews the record retention policy, answers questions and completes any final revisions to the policy.

Pricing for the policy is transparent and accessible upfront via the initial Q&A. Levy estimates that the Husch Blackwell Record Retention Policy team can deliver draft policies to clients in about three business days. Businesses that wish to use the tool but are not Husch Blackwell clients would need to pass through a standard conflict check prior to receiving access. The tool is not networked with existing Husch Blackwell systems and no data is stored permanently.


Joshua B. Levy


Laura C. Robinson

Senior Counsel

Ben Stephens