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Record Retention Policy Generator

A data management tool to help minimize unfavorable consequences.

Every company needs a record retention plan to protect itself from liability, especially given the explosion of data in the digital age. This is a particularly daunting task for the construction, design and architectural industry. The enormous amount of data and information varies—from CAD and BIM records—to paper blueprints in the warehouse. Appropriately preserving this information and protecting yourself when you are faced with the litigation discovery process is critical.   

Husch Blackwell's Construction Academy has created a user-friendly, economical tool that enables companies to create record retention plans, customized to their operations. Our Record Retention Policy Generator incorporates Husch Blackwell’s legal experience in data, records retention, and discovery management, as well as extensive experience in helping clients navigate the discovery process in litigation.

What’s involved in building a record retention policy?

Building your customized record retention policy involves just three easy steps: 

  1. Q&A. Our secure survey form walks you through key questions about your workplace(s) to build a draft policy tailored to your operations and based on our prior research and forms. 
  2. Attorney review. Our team of attorneys reviews and finalizes your draft policy.
  3. Final consult. An attorney will schedule a short phone call with you to review the record retention policy, answer questions and make any final revisions to your policy.


By leveraging our vast experience, research and technology, we're able to not only build your policy quickly, but also offer affordable and clear flat fee pricing. Pricing depends on the size and geographic reach of your operations, which is determined by the information you provide to us.


Contact attorneys Josh Levy, Laura Robinson or Ben Stephens with questions about the Record Retention Policy Generator. 

About Husch Blackwell's Construction Academy

Husch Blackwell’s Construction Academy works to provide the industry with an understanding of the legal fundamentals in today’s complicated environment. Our Construction Academy was developed with the belief that value is unique to the client, knowledge is created in application, and both need a forum of partners to share what has been learned in order to propel organizations forward.

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