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Helping Minority- and Veteran-Owned Business Secure a Game-Changing Contract

Atlanta, GA

Thanks to the Communities for Change initiative, Husch Blackwell helped clean energy design/build firm Powerhouse Energy 360 LLC negotiate and secure a game-changing multimillion-dollar contract.

Founded by George Gamble in 2020, Powerhouse Energy 360 helps client companies generate clean electricity and achieve energy independence, primarily through the design and construction of solar power systems. The company also offers back-up generator installation and design and build services for energy storage systems. In addition, Powerhouse Energy 360 maintains and operates Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging stations. Minority- and veteran-owned, the company has a particular focus on underserved areas and was referred to the firm by a fellow Communities for Change client.

Husch Blackwell's impact

Owner George Gamble first approached Husch Blackwell with a common request among Communities for Change clients: Powerhouse Energy 360 needed assistance drafting a service agreement contract and an independent contractor agreement for use with clients and outside vendors. Our legal team quickly prepared both contracts.

Shortly thereafter, Gamble reached out to the team with exciting news. Powerhouse Energy 360 had been awarded a contract to maintain and operate EV charging stations across the country for a large, national automobile company. This multimillion-dollar contract would dramatically shift the scale of the company’s business operations, allowing Powerhouse Energy 360 to graduate from the Communities for Change program.

Gamble’s Husch Blackwell team brought in additional team members to assist in negotiating the new contracts—a highly sophisticated series of maintenance and operating agreements that required a much more significant dedication of firm resources. Finalized in August 2023, the contract will propel Powerhouse Energy 360 to a new level—and the company intends to continue its relationship with Husch Blackwell as a full-fledged client.

“We truly appreciate the services from Husch Blackwell, as part of its Communities for Change program,” said Gamble. “Brent Meyer and his team have been top-notch, working with us diligently through this exciting time. We are very pleased.”

About HB Communities for Change

Since November 2020, Husch Blackwell has provided pro bono legal counsel to numerous minority-owned businesses that would otherwise not have access. Through this work, the firm helps entrepreneurs realize their goals, which positively impacts their communities in the process—a ripple effect that transforms lives.