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Thought Leadership

DE&I Speaker Series | Wellness: Don't Count on Second Chances

October 14, 2021
12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. CT

Austin Attorney Paige Duggins-Clay talks with Mercedes Ramirez Johnson about the importance of wellness. 

Our careers are demanding. The never-ending responsibilities associated with exceeding client’s expectations do not slow down on days we need a respite the most. The pandemic, the debates about masks and vaccines, and the other news headlines have all created a constant white noise of discord in every facet of our lives.  

We offer grace and empathy to our loved ones struggling with mental health stressors; but how much grace and empathy do we give to our own selves when our mental health buttons are pushed? Do you find yourself powering through and burying your anxieties under the facades of being a good colleague, parent, friend or life partner?

In order to build your resilience, feel professionally fulfilled and protect the balance of your mental health, we first must prioritize our wellbeing. Aside from avoiding the obvious negative pressures that chip away at our mental health, we can take measurable action to strengthen our fortitude in times of unrest. Mercedes will share proven strategies to boost your interconnected emotional and physical wellbeing. You will learn mental strategies backed by science that will reset your perspectives and invigorate your resilience. By becoming advocates of our own wellness, we can extend that gift to others in return.

Who Should Attend
This program is for Husch Blackwell attorneys and staff and select guests of the firm.

Continuing Education Credit
This program does not qualify for legal education credit.

Questions? Contact Andrea` Reid at 314.345.6656.