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Law360: Labor And Employment Changes Ahead For Gov't Contractors


"While predicting the future from certain presidential appointments and executive orders can be problematic, they point to changes ahead for federal contractors in the area of labor and employment law." 

Michael Schrier examines recent appointments and Executive Orders by President Biden, and the workplace effect they might have on government contractors. The full article, Labor And Employment Changes Ahead For Gov't Contractors, is an exercise in "what is possible" from publicly available information, and not a prediction based on nonpublic or insider information. You'll gain insights on the following:

  • Federal contractor minimum wage increase
  • Nondisplacement of qualified workers
  • Project labor agreements
  • Davis-Bacon Act and Service Contract Act enforcement
  • Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP)
  • OSHA COVID-19 enforcement
  • A return of Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces regulations


Michael Schrier