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Trade Secrets & Business Information Protection

Guarding your expertise.

Thanks to new digital and communications technologies, as well as a decline in workplace loyalty and trust, company secrets are more vulnerable than ever. Valuable business information is at risk for inadvertent disclosure, misappropriation or employee theft. To guard their competitive positions, smart companies develop strong trade secret and business information protection plans. These plans help to secure a company’s most-valued trade secrets and proprietary information and prevent confidential details from falling straight into a competitor’s hands. 

Our Trade Secret & Business Information Protection team begins by understanding the controls and systems that business units have in place. From there, we help develop an appropriate protection model that efficiently and strategically integrates and builds on existing controls and systems.

Since the Defend Trade Secrets Act (DSTA) was enacted in 2016, trade secret litigation has increased by well over 30 percent annually as businesses have moved quickly to use the new law to protect their confidential information. Indeed, Husch Blackwell filed one of the first complaints under the DTSA for a Fortune 500 client whose crop seed technology was exfiltrated by a former employee who was a foreign national.

Husch Blackwell attorneys are regularly retained for their expertise in trade secrets litigation. Since long before the DTSA, our team has advised clients on all aspects of trade secret and contractual protections regarding their key proprietary information, including on a proactive basis before litigation becomes necessary. Our experienced trial lawyers prosecute and defend complex cases involving trade secrets, breach of confidentiality and unfair competition.

Case Study
Farmobile LLC

Farmobile secured a complete defense victory in enterprise-threatening trade secret litigation.

News Releases | August 19, 2020
Husch Blackwell Scores Eighth Circuit Win for Farmobile in Trade Secret Dispute

The earlier court ruling granted summary judgment to Farmobile.

News Releases | December 20, 2019
Samantha Lunn Selected for Tennessee Bar Association Leadership Law Program

The TBA Leadership Law program equips Tennessee lawyers with the vision, knowledge and skills necessary to serve as leaders in their profession and local communities.

News Releases | August 06, 2019
Greater Omaha Chamber Names Kamron Hasan to Leadership Omaha

Based in Omaha, Hasan has played a key role in several of Husch Blackwell’s most recent litigation victories.

Media Mentions | August 01, 2019
Law360 Names Attys Who Moved Up the Ranks in Q2
News Releases | August 24, 2018
Husch Blackwell Prevails for Farmobile in Trade Secret Litigation Against Farmers Edge

In the Court’s May ruling granting summary judgment to Farmobile, U.S. District Judge Joseph Bataillon dismissed all claims brought by
Farmers Edge.

Media Mentions | March 19, 2018
Danforth Center Roots and Shoots Blog: Venture Cafe Night - Going Global

Matt Diehr and Mike Annis discuss trade secrets and information protection programs at National Ag Day program focusing on innovation.

Testimonials Carey L. Bartell, Vice President, Chief Counsel – Legal & Government Affairs, Conagra Brands Inc.

“When we were hit with a complex web of wage and hour class actions, Husch Blackwell was the natural choice. The team’s expertise in the substantive legal issues, combined with the investment they made to develop a deep knowledge of our business, has made them a uniquely effective litigation partner.”

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Testimonials Jamie Hawken, Vice President and General Manager, Utility Concrete Products LLC

"The advice and service that we get from Husch Blackwell are second to none. We work with several other firms for matters outside of intellectual property, and the experience just simply is not the same. Most importantly, the Husch Blackwell team offers the one thing that all clients are ultimately looking for in an attorney: SUCCESS."

Read how invested partnerships make a difference
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