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Husch Blackwell, Attorneys Earn Benchmark Litigation Recognition

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Benchmark Litigation has recognized Husch Blackwell as a top litigation firm, listing 24 attorneys as 2024 Litigation Stars, five as Future Stars, and five on its 2023 40 & Under Hot List. The firm also received Benchmark’s “Highly Recommended” ranking in Missouri and Wisconsin, and its “Recommended” designation in Nebraska where the firm was named the Nebraska Firm of the Year at the 2023 Benchmark US Litigation Awards, which marks four consecutive years of being the top litigation firm in the state.

Benchmark also recognized seven of the firm’s Labor and Employment attorneys as 2024 Labor and Employment Stars. Lawyers appearing in Benchmark Litigation for the first time are listed in bold.

Husch Blackwell's recognized attorneys are:


  • Jennifer Lee, Litigation Star


  • Barbara Grandjean, Labor & Employment Star
  • Christopher Ottele, Labor & Employment Star


  • John Borkowski, Litigation Star
  • Don Mizerk, Litigation Star


  • Cynthia Cordes, Litigation Star
  • William Corum, Litigation Star
  • Matthew Diehr, 40 & Under Hot List
  • Josef Glynias, Labor & Employment Star
  • Catherine Hanaway, Litigation Star
  • Carrie Hermeling, Litigation Star
  • Beau Jackson, Litigation Star
  • Jeffrey Jensen, Litigation Star
  • Martin Loring, Litigation Star
  • Christine Miller, Litigation Star
  • Jim Monafo, Litigation Star
  • Michael Nolan, Future Star
  • Joseph Orlet, Litigation Star
  • Paul Pautler, Labor & Employment Star
  • Lowell Pearson, Litigation Star
  • Michael Raupp, 40 & Under Hot List
  • Joanne Sandifer, Litigation Star
  • Chris Smith, Litigation Star
  • Jeffrey Simon, Litigation Star
  • Julianne Story, Labor & Employment Star
  • Derek Teeter, Future Star
  • Rudy Telscher, Litigation Star
  • Robert Tomaso, Labor & Employment Star


  • Ryann Glenn, 40 & Under Hot List
  • Kamron Hasan, 40 & Under Hot List
  • Marnie Jensen, Litigation Star


  • Lorinda Holloway, Litigation Star
  • Kevin Koronka, Future Star
  • Jameson Watts, 40 & Under Hot List


  • Gina Carter, Litigation Star
  • Erik Eisenmann, Future Star and Labor & Employment Star
  • Jason Fathallah, Litigation Star
  • Dieter Juedes, Future Star
  • Ann Maher, Litigation Star
  • Eric McLeod, Litigation Star

Benchmark Litigation is the definitive guide to the world’s leading litigation firms and lawyers. It provides law firm and lawyer rankings based on extensive interviews with litigators, dispute resolution specialists, and their clients as well as an analysis of the market’s most important cases and firm developments.


Gina Carter

Of Counsel

Barbara A. Grandjean

Office Managing Partner

Beau Jackson


Jeff Jensen


Kevin Koronka


Jennifer J. Lee

Office Managing Partner

Martin M. Loring

Senior Counsel

Ann M. Maher


Eric M. McLeod


Don J. Mizerk


James F. Monafo


Joseph C. Orlet


Lowell Pearson

Office Managing Partner

Jeffrey J. Simon

Office Managing Partner

Derek T. Teeter


Rudy Telscher


Robert J. Tomaso

Office Managing Partner