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Hospice Labor and Employment Trends: Labor Relations Revisited – The Union At Your Door



September 02, 2020
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Hospice & Palliative Care 


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No employer wants a union. While unions have not had deep presence in hospice, hospice employers are not immune to unionization efforts.

In this session, Meg Pekarske is joined by her colleagues Jon Anderson and Tom O’Day, who offer their insights on what makes unions attractive to employees and what you can do about it. The session addresses how a well-trained management staff can identify union activity at the outset and can use proven human resource best practices to effectively prevent a union effort and, if one arises, to help your employees make good choices. The time to prepare for a union campaign comes well before the union knocks at the door. What you do now will improve your chances in this high-stakes game.


Jon E. Anderson

Office Managing Partner

Tom O'Day