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At Husch Blackwell, we believe in better. Drawing on targeted industry knowledge, our professionals offer comprehensive counsel on
day-to-day operations and long-term strategies.


Talented and experienced teams set Husch Blackwell apart.

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Alerts | Labor & Employment

Mandatory Missouri Minimum Wage and Hour Postings
January 16, 2019

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Testimonials Jonathan R. Boord, General Counsel, Native Roots Dispensary

"The attorneys at Husch Blackwell provide a proactive approach to their service in keeping us informed on changes to the law and new decisions of the regulators and legislators in the space. They make it easy for us to recommend them to our industry peers."

Testimonials Roger Washington, In-House Counsel, AECOM

“The firm achieved a very favorable result in a complex, high-dollar contract claim with a government contractor. The Husch Blackwell attorneys worked diligently over the course of about two years, skillfully navigating the case through federal District Court and mediation. The resulting recovery, which significantly exceeded our expectations, offset all damages and reflected a reasonable profit.”

Testimonials Carey Bartell, Vice President, Chief Counsel – Legal & Government Affairs, Conagra Brands Inc.

“The team’s expertise in the substantive legal issues, combined with the investment they made to develop a deep knowledge of our business, has made them a uniquely effective litigation partner.”

Testimonials George Pain and Stuart Roth, Olin Corporation

“Jerry Ronecker and the Husch Blackwell team wove a strategy based on facts, experts and outstanding advocacy to obtain results that were earlier unimagined. Results that first surprised, then stunned, and then completely deflated the opposition.”

Testimonials Chris Cheatham, Co-Founder/CEO, RiskGenius

“One of the things I really appreciate about Husch Blackwell is it’s not just straight legal advice. You can give letter-of-the-law advice all day, but they understand that there are business issues that have to be solved as well.”

Testimonials Tim Fowler, Director, Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District

“It’s been a true blessing to have the capabilities of Husch Blackwell in times when we’ve really needed it… I can’t tell you how much I’ve appreciated that because I have seen the fruits of the labor. One of the best things I think we’ve ever done on this board was bring in the Husch team.”