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Capabilities / Agricultural Technology

Agricultural Technology

A confluence of the epoch-defining technologies is vastly reconfiguring the food systems industry, and our team is positioned to help clients understand the risks and opportunities.

The amazing advances in food systems witnessed in recent years have been powered by a new generation of technology that is being applied to all facets of the industry, from the fields and pastures that have defined agriculture and animal husbandry for millennia to the laboratories where the future of food is being developed. Husch Blackwell attorneys have witnessed these advancements firsthand, guiding innovators in cultivation, production, distribution, and sales toward their business objectives and in laying the groundwork for a more sustainable food systems industry.

Our guidance in agricultural law to clients in the agricultural technology sector includes:

Ag Biotech & Seed Technology

Our team provides ag biotech clients with a full-service legal solution capable of addressing challenges from the laboratory to the boardroom. We have counseled clients in the development of global intellectual property strategy to both direct and protect proprietary research and brought one of the first cases under the Defend Trade Secrets Act to protect a client’s seed technology against theft. We also maintain a robust international trade team capable of advising on the complexities of import and export issues under the existing the trade regime concerning a range of products including genetically modified (GM) food, pesticides and herbicides, and seeds. Additionally, our tort and product liability litigators have the scientific and legal experience needed to assist clients embroiled in multi-jurisdictional and class action product-related disputes.

Data Collection & Management

The digitalization of fields, farmyards, and factory floors—and the resulting volume of data—has led to novel legal questions regarding the ownership and stewardship of data, particularly given the patchwork of state and federal law. Our Data Privacy & Cybersecurity team is nationally recognized as a thought leader on existing and emerging data privacy and information security laws, including the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA), and state data security statutes. Additionally, we help safeguard clients against cybertheft and other unauthorized disclosures of protected information. We assess cybersecurity risks and provide best practices guidance for preparing for data security incidents. When data breaches are suspected, our team of breach response lawyers responds immediately to minimize damage to business operations and reputation.

Precision Agriculture & Robotics

Our firm has long advised clients on precision ag management processes and practices, and as precision ag has evolved to integrate cutting-edge sensor and network technologies, we have remained a trusted advisor to both the end users of the technology, as well as those businesses that manufacture and distribute the enabling products and services. Our team has counseled clients across a broad array of challenges, including intellectual property portfolio management and patent disputes, data privacy and cybersecurity, labor and employment and trade secrets, corporate finance and venture capital, and product liability litigation.

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