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Capabilities / Animal Health & Production

Animal Health & Production

Making heads and tails of the animal health industry.

Headquartered in the heart of the Animal Health Corridor—home to 56 percent of total worldwide animal health, diagnostics and pet food sales—Husch Blackwell was the first law firm of its size to create an animal health law team dedicated to livestock and companion animal health. We have the deep experience to advise clients on any business or legal matter, such as mergers and acquisitions, workplace safety, product and technology licensing, and federal and state regulatory requirements, including vital FDA experience with former agency personnel on our team.

Because science is such a key piece of animal health, our group is built around Ph.D.-level scientists and attorneys with backgrounds in molecular chemistry, vaccines, immunology, genetics, pharmacology and physiology. We also focus on establishing and protecting brands for clients worldwide. When disputes arise over trademark and patent infringement, we are aggressive advocates who are known for securing favorable results.

Animal Health

As some of the most heavily regulated product classes on the market, animal food and drugs require deep legal and industry knowledge. At Husch Blackwell we have developed an Animal Health team of lawyers with the necessary background and experience to provide clients with a turnkey solution to the research, manufacture and marketing of animal health products. Our team brings together intellectual property, antitrust, and federal/state regulatory lawyers to help clients get in front of challenges and seize opportunities.

FDA Regulatory

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration is the chief regulator of the pet food and animal drug industries. Our team features former FDA personnel and can effectively guide clients through all phases of product development, including approvals for new drugs/products, advice on marketing and manufacturing, and responding to agency inquiries.

Meat & Poultry

Our firm represents producers of meat and poultry products across the country on a variety of business and legal issues, ranging from regulatory reviews, inspections and investigations to resolving disputes in connection with commercial, environmental, employment-related and marketing/labeling causes of action. We have deep experience in assisting clients with regulatory compliance programs concerning both the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) as well as state-level regulators. Our team is also poised to handle emerging issues for industry participants, including internet-of-things technologies, blockchain, and agricultural biotechnologies such as gene-edited animals.


Husch Blackwell has worked with leading producers of milk and dairy products for decades to provide corporate and business law advice, craft regulatory compliance programs and to advocate for them in a variety of disputes, including regulatory investigations, product liability lawsuits, and patent and trademark enforcement actions. Our clients include one of the largest dairy cooperatives in the United States, and our team is well-versed in handling the complex legal and operational issues that arise within the co-op context, including corporate transactions.

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Testimonial Wade Shafer, American Simmental Association

“When we were blindsided by a patent infringement lawsuit that could have put us out of business if found meritorious, we turned to our trusted legal advisors at Husch Blackwell. The team truly delivered. Their decisive action and novel approach to our situation resulted in dismissal of the lawsuit and an order from the USPTO invalidating every claim of the asserted patents.”

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