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Speaker, "Regulatory Update: Cell-Based Meats + OTC Animal Products + CBD + Feed Additives," Digital Animal Health Summit

August 24 - 26, 2021

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Speaking Engagements

Husch Blackwell attorney Emily Lyons will speak at the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor's Digital Animal Health Summit.

Emily Lyons will speak on four different topics at the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor's Digital Animal Health Summit. All four presentations are available on demand through September 30, 2021: Animal Health Summit On-Demand Webinars


Animal Nutrition for Health: How Novel Animal Feed Ingredients Are Regulated and Changing the Animal Health Industry

Animal health companies provide a wide variety products, but traditional animal pharmaceutical companies are looking more at novel feeds additives as consumers push for less antibiotic use in the livestock industry. This session will provide an overview of how these ingredients are regulated by FDA, AAFCO and states, as well as what your animal health company needs to know to enter into the growing area of the animal health industry.

Cell-Based Meat is Coming, What the Ag Industry Can Expect

As cell-based meats grow in popularity and receive more capital from investors across the globe, cellular agribusiness companies need to be aware of future regulatory run-ins. This presentation will explore these potential regulatory issues and also cover the impact that cell-based meats could have on the agriculture industry as a whole.

OTC Animal Products: Regulatory Hurdles & Recent Developments

The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act gives the FDA legal authority to approve and regulate drugs for animals. Animal health companies looking to market new OTC animal drugs need to be aware of the regulatory hurdles that they may face when bringing their product to the marketplace. This presentation will provide an overview of the regulations and recent developments at the FDA and other regulatory bodies.

CBD & Animal Health: Grey Area or Green Light?

The CBD pet care market is one of the fastest-growing CBD verticals; however the market still lacks FDA approval. This presentation will cover the regulatory grey areas that this industry faces and provide predictions for what the future regulatory landscape will look like for CBD pet care and other animal health producers.


Emily R. Lyons