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Asbestos Litigation

Defending dockets with an innovative business approach.

Our asbestos litigation attorneys are recognized innovators when aligning client objectives against risk profile, probable outcomes and paths to resolution to ensure our clients get the greatest return on their investment. We coordinate asbestos litigation nationally using proprietary technology and an award-winning business solutions approach built specifically to attack the unique challenges of asbestos litigation. With a team of over 100 toxic tort attorneys and paralegals working out of offices in 18 cities nationwide, Husch Blackwell has the depth and experience to scale agile teams customized to defend portfolios of any size or complexity. 

Employing novel business methods, technology and strategies, we routinely help insurers and companies achieve better outcomes while drastically reducing claims inventories, legal spend and risk. Our business model concentrates resources to meet the highest threats and generate the greatest impact for our clients while employing strategies to quickly eliminate the meritless claims that can unnecessarily consume time and money. Our seasoned litigation team executes well-defined case plans to aggressively attack claims and achieve the best possible result in each matter. Decades of experience working closely with recognized experts in the medical and scientific disciplines at issue in this litigation enables our attorneys to be at the cutting edge of presenting new expert strategies for the defense of these claims. The unique approach we have developed to manage national asbestos litigation has been proven to reduce risk and, in multiple instances, decrease legal spend by millions of dollars compared to what companies were paying when their dockets were handled by other firms.

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