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Kay assists attorneys and clients with preparing cases for trial from inception through resolution at both the state and federal levels.

With over two decades experience working exclusively in defense litigation, Kay has worked on personal injury lawsuits involving allegations of defective design, manufacturing and marketing of consumer products allegedly resulting in catastrophic injury and wrongful death.

Kay brings extensive pre-trial and trial experience to the table based on routine assignment to high exposure, complex product liability cases involving automobiles; automobile component parts; sporting goods; exercise/fitness apparatus; gym and playground equipment; construction and industrial machinery; cosmetic/personal care products; and pharmaceutical and medical devices.

With a reputation for initiative, Kay is self-taught on the process of obtaining records and securing deposition testimony from out-of-state witnesses for cases filed in state court. Prior to the passage of the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act (UIDDA), she served as a previous firm’s authority on individual state and county procedures and protocols for conducting discovery in foreign jurisdictions.

Kay often serves as part of regional and national coordinating counsel teams, overseeing a client’s litigation needs across multiple states and throughout the country. She has comprehensive knowledge of state and federal civil procedure rules based upon prior experience working on cases filed in jurisdictions across the western United States, including in Washington, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico.

In addition to developing solid relationships with case team members, Kay works in close liaison with client representatives, expert witnesses, investigators, juror consultants and settlement negotiators during the various states of litigation to ensure transparency of all cases undertaken.




  • M.S., University of La Verne
  • B.S., University of La Verne

*Contact Kay to set up an in-person consultation by appointment in the Los Angeles office.
2023 Pro Bono Contributor