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J.Y. Miller Honored for Support of Women's Advancement in Legal Field

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The TIM Initiative Award is presented to a man who is an active champion for women’s advancement in the legal profession.

J.Y. Miller, partner in Husch Blackwell’s St. Louis office, has been honored with the TIM Initiative Award by Ms. JD, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to the success of aspiring and early career women lawyers.

The TIM Initiative Award is presented by Ms. JD to a man who is an active champion for women’s advancement in the legal profession. Ms. JD launched The Incredible Men (TIM) Initiative in 2014 to celebrate men who not only value equality and diversity in the profession but earnestly and enthusiastically support women and women’s initiatives.

“J.Y. is a vocal supporter of women in management at our firm and has worked tirelessly to promote women to leadership roles,” said Angela Quinn, Husch Blackwell’s Chief Client & Inclusion Officer. “I have personally witnessed many times the extra lengths that J.Y. has taken to include women in vital roles at our firm. He ensures that women are included on the many client teams that provide skilled legal services to our clients.”

“J.Y. Miller is a champion of people, regardless of background, but he is especially sincere in his belief that we are best positioned to provide superior client service when we invest in, and take care of, a diverse team,” said partner Megan Scheiderer.

Miller and other Ms. J.D. honorees will be recognized at a reception on March 12, 2020 during Ms. JD's "12th Annual Conference on Women in Law: When Women Lead" at the Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law in Chicago.


J.Y. Miller

Office Managing Partner