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Milwaukee Summer Associates attending a picnic.
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1L and 2L Job Opportunities

Collaborate with us.

The Summer Associate Program at Husch Blackwell provides hands-on, real-life experience that gives law students a taste of real legal practice. We are excited to offer the following opportunities for 1L and 2L law students.

View our opportunities.

If you are selected to interview for a Summer Associate position, keep the following tips in mind.

Before the interview:

Continue to check our website to research the firm. Specifically, take a look at our People, Locations, Capabilities and Law Students pages, and learn why Husch Blackwell is the place for you.

Prepare for your conversations:

  • Read the bios of your interviewers
  • Review your application materials again for accuracy and to keep your experiences fresh in your mind
  • Consider your long-term career goals and what about us interests you
  • Anticipate possible follow-up questions and rehearse

During the interview:

Plan to arrive or connect a few minutes early. Dress professionally while still being yourself. Give close consideration to what you will need to know to make a decision about working at our firm, and then be sure to ask questions. Be concise. Be genuine. Be prepared to speak about yourself, but also be willing to let your interviewers take the lead at times.

After the interview:

If you feel that Husch Blackwell would be a great fit for you, try to keep the conversation going after the interview.

  • Carefully proof any thank you notes before sending
  • Ask thoughtful follow-up questions
  • Respectfully reiterate your continued interest while being mindful not to follow-up excessively

Stay in touch with your recruiting contact at the firm. Respond promptly, and proactively update that person on your offer status and any competing deadlines.


Discover why this is the place for you.