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Summer Associate Program FAQs

Husch Blackwell offers a robust summer associate program designed to introduce law students to firm culture, areas of the law in which we practice and our collaborative approach to delivering outstanding client results. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers. We look forward to partnering with you on the next steps of your professional path.

How long is the Associate Summer Program? 

The Summer Associate Program is a 10-week program that typically begins the Monday before Memorial Day and lasts until the end of July. If your school year does not end until after the official start date, you will begin the Summer Program at a later date.

What does Husch Blackwell look for in a law student?

We seek law students who are dynamic, entrepreneurial, bright, mature, innovative and willing to take on significant responsibilities. We want students with demonstrated initiative and drive, intellectual curiosity, strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work well within a team. Husch Blackwell seeks a diverse candidate pool and Summer Associate class. Our Summer Associates come from many different backgrounds and schools and have a variety of outside interests.

How do I apply for a Summer Associate position?

All interested students should apply for a Summer Associate position through our online application process. Please submit your cover letter, resume and transcript. Submission of a writing sample is optional but may be requested. For 1Ls, pursuant to NALP guidelines, we will not accept applications until after December 1.

How does the callback interview process work?

We strive to contact candidates soon after their on-campus interview to schedule a callback interview. Depending on the office, you should expect to spend between two and four hours meeting with attorneys from our recruiting committees and various practice groups. Each interview lasts approximately 25-30 minutes. If you will be traveling to our firm for the interview, please use the NALP Student Reimbursement Form to submit any out-of-pocket expenses for reimbursement. The firm will reimburse you for mileage if you drive to the interview. If your distance requires air travel, please contact a member of our Recruiting Department to arrange your flight reservations.

What can I expect in terms of work assignments and the evaluation process?

Summer Associates (SAs) receive a mix of assignments and can choose projects and areas of law that match their interests. You will gain real, hands-on experience throughout the summer and have opportunities to be involved in client conferences, negotiations, witness interviews, depositions, court hearings and trials. You also will receive formal reviews twice during the summer, in addition to regular individual feedback on assignments.

What are some of the social activities planned for Summer Associates?

We host dinners, receptions, happy hours and other events designed to allow you to get to know one another, the lawyers in our firm and the city in which you are working. In past years, Summer Associates have participated in local festivals, dinner parties hosted at attorneys’ homes, cultural and sporting events, golf tournaments, bowling and softball tournaments, and private tours of local attractions.

What type of training are Summer Associates offered?

Summer Associates learn by doing – you will work directly with partners and associates and receive feedback about your work throughout your projects and activities. In addition, we offer training programs organized through our Professional Development Department. You are encouraged to attend any training classes, lectures or presentations sponsored by the firm that may be of interest to you.

Will I have a chance to do pro bono work over the summer?

We are a signatory member of the Pro Bono Institute’s Law Firm Pro Bono Challenge, a national effort that encourages volunteer work for low-income and disadvantaged individuals, families and nonprofit groups. We encourage all of our lawyers, including our Summer Associates, to do pro bono work in the community.

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Legal Recruiting Specialist
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