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Career Journey

A conversation with Jordan Ault.

Describe your career trajectory.

Before relocating to Jefferson City, I was very active in the nonprofit community in St. Louis. I realized there was a niche market for something I was passionate about. After focusing on litigation for several years, and with the firm’s full support, I launched our Nonprofit Organizations & Religious Institutions team, which now includes more than 40 attorneys. I now spend about half of my time in a traditional litigation role and the other half working with tax-exempt organizations.

Is there a matter or case you worked on that you found particularly rewarding?

I represented a church in St. Louis that could benefit from a generous member of its congregation in an unusual way. The member wished to produce a musical in Los Angeles, but wanted to direct any profit to the church. I negotiated the contract between the church and the production company. The matter involved issues of taxation, trusts and estates, and entertainment law. Ultimately, everything came together successfully and the musical premiered to rave reviews.

How has Husch Blackwell supported you in achieving work/life balance?

My wife is a United Methodist pastor. In the United Methodist tradition, she is obligated to relocate to a different church in Missouri every few years. I alerted my fellow partners about the itinerant system and the impact it would have on my career with the firm. The firm provided wonderful support for both of our careers and helped to ensure my practice didn’t skip a beat when I moved 100 miles to the Jefferson City office. Everyone made the process so easy – from the attorneys to firm administration.

What is your advice for a new hire?

Get outside of your comfort zone. Your first couple years at the firm provide an opportunity to experience different areas of the law, develop relationships with attorneys who practice in those areas and find your place at the firm. If you seek a wide range of experiences, you will become a better lawyer by learning more ways to assist your clients.