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Law360 Recognizes Husch Blackwell as a Top 10 Law Firm for Summer Associates

Husch Blackwell was one of only two law firms outside the Am Law 50 to make 2022 summer associates' top 10 list



September 08, 2022
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Husch Blackwell ranked among the top 10 law firms in the United States among the 2022 class of summer associates, according to data published by Law360 Pulse.

Overall, the firm ranked ninth in the second and final installment for 2022 of the Law360 Pulse Summer Associates Survey and was among “the vanguard in the critical areas the questions sought to cover: confidence-building, networking and mentorship, compensation and fun programming,”

Law360 published its survey of 2022 summer associates in two parts. The first part appeared in June 2022 and explored summer associate preferences. Husch Blackwell ranked 29th in the initial survey. The second part of the survey sought to assess how summer associate programs performed versus the preferences of the 2022 class.

“This was a big year for our summer associate program. At 100 summer associates, we had our largest and most diverse class in firm history, and it represented the first summer since the Covid pandemic where the programming was centered on in-person attendance,” said Dean Boeschen, Husch Blackwell’s Chief Growth Officer. “In restaging our program, we wanted to highlight the things that make Husch Blackwell a special place and a different kind of law firm. The programming was both intense and fun, stressing what associate life is really like, but ultimately, the real difference maker is our people. The program allotted generous amounts of time for networking and relationship building.”

Law360 Pulse conducted the second part of the Summer Associates Survey from June 15 to August 8, 2022. It received 670 responses from 1Ls, 2Ls and 3Ls, as well as part-time and evening students. Participants were required to identify the organizations where they were completing their summer associate programs. Overall, 66 percent of survey respondents experienced a fully in-person summer associate program, a notable increase over the 27 percent from 2021.


Dean R. Boeschen

Chief Growth Officer