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Veronica assists attorneys and clients with both civil and commercial litigation, primarily in the area of toxic tort, and ensures that cases stay on track.

Early in her career, Veronica assisted an oncologist who was researching the blood cancers that are often in question in mass tort cases. Fascinated by the science, she was drawn to toxic tort when she later entered the legal field. After gaining broad experience in litigation, Veronica has worked primarily with toxic tort since 2004.

Veronica handles all of the firm’s Texas multidistrict litigation for asbestos, tracking a massive number of cases. She has also worked extensively with benzene litigation and assists with dockets for major clients for whom the firm serves as national coordinating counsel. She loves seeing cases all the way through from filing to appeal and is known for her ability to manage a high case volume.

With significant experience in eDiscovery as well, Veronica also serves as the paralegal for the firm’s eDiscovery Solutions team. She maintains a vast document database and assists with discovery on nationwide cases for a major multinational energy corporation.



2023 Pro Bono Contributor