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With more than 15 years in the legal field, Susan is extensively experienced at meeting attorney and client needs.

After first joining the firm in Office Services and Information Governance, Susan joined our legal support team for toxic tort and product liability. She soon discovered a love of legal strategy as she observed defense teams in action, and she became fascinated by legal research. Susan chose to pursue paralegal work in order to take a more active role in cases—and to become more involved in winning for clients.

Today, Susan assists attorneys and clients with toxic tort and product liability matters, often serving on national coordinating counsel teams. Known for her attention to minute detail, she regularly handles:

  • Electronic filings
  • Maintenance of electronic docket databases
  • Data tracking
  • Preliminary case research
  • Client billing
  • Communication with local counsel

Susan also works to keep clients updated on discovery, upcoming deadlines, hearings and general case progress.