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Kimberly assists clients and legal teams with details large and small.

For more than dozen years, Kimberly has worked in the legal industry, focusing on the area of asbestos litigation. She also has experience with copyright, patent and intellectual property matters; environmental issues; tax and estate cases; and residential and commercial real estate. In addition to conducting research and interviews, Kimberly helps legal teams ensure that case documents – such as depositions and settlements – are thoroughly developed, reviewed, tracked and managed. She also maintains critical client-based calendars and schedules.

As a former savings and loan branch manager, Kimberly understands the importance of client service and attention to the smallest detail. Clients and legal teams appreciate her dedication and her ability to keep the client end goal in mind as she facilitates matters through to a resolution.



*Contact Kim to set up an in-person consultation by appointment in the St. Louis office.