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Kim is a seasoned paralegal concentrating in Intellectual Property law.

With experience in both worldwide trademark and patent prosecution, she adeptly handles major portfolios, managing thousands of filings for some of the world’s most renowned brands across diverse industries.

Moreover, her role encompasses preparing and filing trademark and patent applications, and she plays an integral part in opposition and cancellation proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, as well as in copyright and trademark litigation.

Kim seamlessly collaborates with foreign counsel, ensuring the timely and accurate coordination of trademark and copyright filings. A significant portion of Kim’s work centers on foreign patent and trademark prosecution. Her in-depth understanding of international IPO procedures helps her to foresee the requirements of both clients and attorneys, leading to heightened efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Kim takes pride in simplifying the complexities of IP law, making the processes smoother for attorneys and clients alike.



*Contact Kim to set up an in-person consultation by appointment in the Chattanooga office.