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The Future of Functional Foods

A Legal Guide to Product Development & Marketing

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Following the social isolation and public health concerns associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans reevaluated their health and wellness priorities, creating new opportunities for food systems companies to connect with changing consumer tastes and preferences.

The success of functional foods—foods that purport to provide consumers with potential health benefits upon consumption—can be viewed as an expression of this prevailing consumer sentiment.

To assist functional food companies in bringing products to market, Husch Blackwell has made available a guide—The Future of Functional Foods—that further explains how the FDA may categorize a functional food product. While there is no exact science to selecting the proper category for a functional food product, Husch Blackwell can help businesses navigate the complex regulatory scheme and determine the best avenue to ensure that a functional food product complies with all FDA requirements.

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You can also visit our team’s page throughout the year to stay up to date on legal and regulatory changes that impact the functional foods industry.


Megan E. Beebe

Senior Associate