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Startups Client Spotlight: Keystone Bio

A Conversation with Dr. Daniel Sindelar of Keystone Bio


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Keystone Bio was formed by three founders, all leaders in their respective areas, to target the world's most deadly diseases.

How is your company innovating in your industry?

Keystone Bio is advancing a whole new platform of approach to disease. At the same time, we have the luxury of looking at everything with a beginner’s mindset. We identify a problem, put together the best team, and then move quickly.

What makes St. Louis a great location for startups and innovation?

First, it’s my hometown! Next, St. Louis has a thriving innovation corridor along with exceptional universities that result in both a great environment for innovation and the required services for the innovators. Great ideas go nowhere without the team around the innovators.

What does innovation mean to you?

Innovation to me means break new ground, keep learning...we don’t know what we don’t know, and then changing what we didn’t know.

How has Husch Blackwell helped you accomplish your goals?

Husch Blackwell has played a key role in the strategic advances of Keystone Bio. It was very important (and pro-active) for us to convert from an LLC to a C corporation, a process carried out by Husch Blackwell. Next, it was extremely important for Husch Blackwell to assist with our seed investments and our data room of corporate book (all in preparation for our eventual Series A). And then there was the strategic and tireless work by Husch Blackwell with our Series A Investment and subsequent close, all with an eye on the future growth and success of Keystone Bio.

Why did you choose Husch Blackwell?

Of course Husch Blackwell comes with a great reputation, but most importantly Myers Dill was willing to discuss OUR needs. Myers promised me Husch Blackwell would be available for Keystone Bio as we needed and when we needed. That was extremely important for us. One of the biggest roadblocks to a startup of any kind is the need for exceptional legal structure, while at the same time not becoming cash-poor in the pursuit. Myers and Husch Blackwell were great to work with as Keystone Bio worked through that phase.

What were you looking for in a law firm?

We needed a law firm with an extensive list of abilities and expertise, but at the same time one that was willing to meet us where we were at that time. We found that in Husch Blackwell. This has paid off extremely well for us.


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