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Speaker, "Executive Compensation," Corporate & Regulatory Compliance Bootcamp 2020, Financial Poise webinar

Speaking Engagements

Alan Kandel will participate in a panel discussion on "Executive Compensation," as part of the Financial Poise Corporate & Regulatory Compliance Bootcamp 2020 webinar series, on June 24, 2020. 

Executive compensation continues its movement towards performance pay as the standard.  Compensation structures and proxy disclosures are more and more complex. Investors and proxy advisors continue to increase influence on compensation issues. This webinar examines executive compensation, including equity-based compensation plans and executive employment and severance agreements. The importance of disclosure, alignment of risk, and metrics is also examined. Practical guidance on pay-for-performance and supplemental pay definitions is provided. The panelists discuss the effect of the Dodd-Frank Act on executive compensation, including SEC regulations. Exchange rules are compared to applicable federal law. Best practices regarding executive compensation committees and regulatory requirements for those committees are examined. Shareholder advisory groups promulgate executive compensation related advisory policies for their institutional shareholder clients annually and these policies are also discussed.  Issues regarding board composition and leadership structure issues are discussed in relation to executive compensation.

For additional program details, please visit the West LegalEdcenter website.


Alan H. Kandel