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Making an impact with children.

Community Involvement - Urmila Baumann

Tell us about your history with Husch Blackwell. 
I started at Husch in September 2000 and left in April 2012. And I loved working at the firm every day in between! I worked on many matters for Express Scripts during my time at the firm, and when Express Scripts acquired Medco Health Solutions in 2012, I was asked to come in-house and support the company’s commercial litigation portfolio. I was sad to leave Husch, but I’ve had the honor and pleasure of working with many of my former colleagues over the years on several cases. (Of note, I have Chris Smith and Sarah Hellmann on speed dial.) In 2018, Express Scripts was acquired by Cigna and my role (and team) continues to grow as the combined organization takes flight!

What is your current community service role?

It’s so hard to juggle all the obligations that pull us in a hundred directions every day – family, work, life – and I wish I could say that I’ve been perfect at managing it all. In recent years, I’ve tried to get more involved in the community and serve. I recently joined the board of the Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition of St. Louis. It is an amazing organization dedicated to finding forever families for the hardest-to-place children in our state foster care system.

What prompted you to get involved in this particular community service?

I am an adoptive mother – my husband and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl (Ellie!) to our family via domestic, open adoption in January 2018. It was a three-year journey with lots of highs and lows, and it opened my eyes to the world of adoption and foster care and how important organizations like the Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition are in our community. They work tirelessly every day to make these children's lives better. Every child deserves to feel safe and loved – and organizations like the Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition of St. Louis are making that happen!

In 2018, the Coalition served 17,724 children and families with recruitment and support services. Because of their innovative programs, 208 children were placed or matched, 37 new families were trained and licensed, and 24 adoptions/guardianships were finalized. 

How can people learn more about the organization? 

If you would like to get involved with the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition, you can visit their website ( to find out more, or call 314-367-8373. 
How did Husch Blackwell’s community involvement impact you? 

I remain impressed by Husch’s involvement in the community. I think it’s wonderful that the attorneys – associates and partners alike – are encouraged to participate in community service activities. Especially as an associate, it’s very easy to lose yourself in billable hours and a partner’s expectations, but it’s important to remember that there’s a community out there that needs smart and dynamic people (like you!) to serve.

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