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Husch Blackwell Alumni are welcome to attend any of the HB seminars and webinars listed in the events section of our firm website. We hope you can partake in some of these great educational opportunities.

We also want to call out a special five-part webinar series focused on attorney wellness. Recognizing the need to help improve the mental health and well-being of our attorneys, the firm signed the ABA Well-Being Pledge in early 2019. Part of our pledge promise is to raise awareness concerning important wellness issues such as anxiety, depression, alcoholism and substance abuse.

We are launching our Fall Wellness Webinar Series. These programs will be presented by professional speakers and clinicians from St. Luke’s Health System, which is our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider. Each webinar will last 30 minutes, and all programs will begin at noon (Central Time).

Below are the webinar dates, topics and links to register:

Tuesday, September 24: Conflict Management: Five Styles and Strengths/Weaknesses of Each

Participants take the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument to identify their personal style when faced with conflict. Learn about the styles of managing conflict, positive and assertive communication, emotional and relational intelligence, and the benefits of collaboration. Register here.  

Tuesday, October 15: Financial Well-Being

Our personal spending and saving decisions are considered to be based 20 percent on education and 80 percent on behavior. This presentation focuses on the emotional and behavioral aspects of money and is provided by an EAP behavioral change coach. Content will cover taking steps to live within a budget, saving for retirement and getting out of debt. Register here.

Tuesday, October 22: Personal and Professional Well-Being

This is an introduction to Tom Rath’s book, “Well Being.” This presentation highlights the Gallup research that revealed the five elements that contribute the most to our personal well-being. It’s loaded with many interesting facts that offer a different perspective on health, social, financial and physical well-being. Register here.

Friday, November 8: Enhance Physical Well-Being: The Role of Food, Exercise and Sleep

Based in part on the book “Eat Move Sleep” by Tom Rath, this presentation addresses these three interconnected areas. Decisions about how we eat, move and sleep each day have a tremendous impact on our lives. Learn strategies to eat right, move more and sleep better to improve daily energy, health and longevity. Register here.

Thursday, November 21: Enjoying the Holidays

Holidays create stress for many of us. Learn how to de-stress for family gatherings, manage holiday tasks, take care of yourself, and focus on what is most meaningful to you this season. Register here.

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