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Trial Team's Hustle, Perseverance Pay Off for Restaurant Chain

Client Success


A national restaurant chain enlisted our aid when it faced a $5 million default judgment entered in a premises liability/personal injury case in the City of St. Louis. Our team filed a motion to set aside with seven separate affidavits in less than a month.


During oral arguments, the court referenced an obscure prior decision cited at the trial level that cut against our client. The order wasn''t available on Westlaw, so the trial team spent days scouring the records and online docket. After finding the record in the archives (it was not filed online), we were able to distinguish it from the case at hand in the reply brief. The court granted our motion to set aside the judgment.

Attorney Team Members: Brandan P. Mueller, Brittany S. Lomax and Soham A. Desai 

Paralegal Team Members: Bobbi-Jo Stroup


Bobbi-Jo Stroup

Senior Paralegal