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Kenesia manages clients’ global trademark portfolios, helping them ensure that their brands are equally strong abroad as at home.

Kenesia came to the practice of law with an interest in brands, logos, and marketing, and she was instantly fascinated by her first trademark class in law school. She’s focused her practice in the area ever since, working with both trademarks and brand strategy from the very beginning of her career.

Today, Kenesia manages portfolios that encompass hundreds of marks worldwide, assisting both major brands and small, early-stage companies. She helps clients determine which jurisdictions are most advantageous for filing, files and prosecutes trademark applications, and provides counsel on mark protection strategies. When a mark is infringed, Kenesia handles cease and desist letters and initial negotiations, up to the point when litigation is filed.

Her work frequently involves collaboration with foreign local counsel overseas, and Kenesia has assisted clients in filing and protecting marks in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, and Oceania. She supports both companies who already have a strong international practice, as well as those who are just beginning to expand into foreign markets. Kenesia works with clients to adapt their domestic trademark and branding strategies for international contexts, helping them achieve comparable brand strength overseas.

In addition to her work with trademarks, Kenesia also has experience with new product development and new product launches, advising clients as they consider naming and advertising strategies. She is deeply familiar with advertising rules, restrictions, and risk mitigation best practices.

Clients appreciate Kenesia’s genuine passion for their branding efforts, as well as her talent for breaking down information so that in-house attorneys who may not have a trademark background can readily understand the issues at stake. A former middle school teacher, Kenesia has a gift for explaining and communicating, ensuring that clients are always fully informed of the legal implications of their branding and trademark strategies.




  • J.D., George Washington University Law School
    • Presidential Merit Scholar
  • B.S., Tennessee State University
    • magna cum laude


  • Georgia

Professional Memberships and Certifications

  • Georgia Bar Association
  • National Bar Association

*Kenesia works remotely. Please contact Kenesia via email or telephone for an in-person or virtual meeting.
Outside the Office

Kenesia enjoys reading thrillers, cooking when she’s in the mood for it, and attending concerts and other live music events. She’s a particularly big fan of both Beyonce and Rihanna.

She also loves to travel, anywhere and everywhere, and is especially excited for upcoming trips to Greece and Iceland.