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Andrew Bradshaw

Andrew Bradshaw

Patent Agent

After six years as an engineer for a multinational aerospace and defense technology company, Andrew assists clients with patent prosecution matters.

Thanks to a natural curiosity and a thirst for understanding how technologies work, Andrew excelled as a STEM student with plans to work in engineering. However, a high school mock trial experience gave him a taste for legal argument and case law, and he realized an ideal career would combine his love of engineering with his interest in the law—perhaps as a patent agent.

Andrew knew he wanted to gain hands-on engineering experience before transitioning to the legal industry, and he accepted a role with Northrop Grumman, where he worked with subject matters such as rockets, superconductors, digital circuit card assemblies, vibration analysis, and radar test systems. His time with the company provided him with a firsthand understanding of corporations’ internal structures and design processes, giving him an advantage in communicating with engineers in similar roles today.

In early 2024, Andrew joined Husch Blackwell out of excitement for the firm’s exponential growth, team environment, and commitment to professional development. He assists with patent prosecution for clients in the technology, manufacturing, and transportation industries, drafting applications, responding to office actions, and providing guidance on the patent process. He’s enthusiastic about the opportunity to work with so many different innovations and dig deep into their designs.

In addition to his inside perspective on engineering work, Andrew is known for his diligence and dedication, as well as his communication skills and the leadership abilities he developed leading fast-paced integration teams as an engineer.




  • B.S., University of Maryland
    • Mechanical Engineering


  • U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Outside the Office

Andrew loves to cook and is known among friends and family for spending hours putting together gourmet meals. His interest developed after a gluten-free diagnosis left him seeking to create the foods he loved without wheat ingredients. Andrew’s specialties include gluten-free pasta made from scratch.

Andrew also enjoys hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, and simply relaxing with a good book.