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Trademark Basics for Business: A Guide to Identify, Protect & Enforce Your Trademark - Video



March 04, 2021

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For many startups, its first and most valuable asset is its trademarks – whether that be the company name, or the name of your product, software application, or widget. But there is more to picking a strong brand name than meets the eye! Choosing a strong brand name can limit risk associated with infringement and litigation, and position your business to form strong, enforceable rights in the mark against third parties in the future. Strong trademarks can also acquire greater monetary value in the long run as well, which is just good business.

This presentation will assist business owners with understanding the top things to consider when picking a strong brand name, how to go about protecting that brand name, and practical business tools available to you to monitor and enforce their valuable trademark assets, if necessary.

Find out more on:

  • How to choose a strong, protectable brand name.
  • The trademark process and timeline.
  • Business tools available to you to enforce your trademarks against others.


Tara L. Ficken

Senior Counsel