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The Justice Insiders: Largest Bitcoin Seizure in DOJ History – Crypto Can Be Traced!



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The Justice Insiders is a glimpse behind the curtain of federal civil and criminal investigations and enforcement actions, demystifying the government’s conduct and providing a unique and entertaining analysis of noteworthy cases. Husch Blackwell’s Gregg Sofer and his colleagues in the firm's White Collar, Internal Investigations & Compliance practice use their 200-plus years of combined experience to explore cases ripped from the headlines and discuss issues related to white collar crime, national security threats, contract fraud, False Claims Act, export enforcement, compliance and other developing areas. Periodically, the podcast will also feature guests from around the country who bring to bear their particular expertise on today’s most interesting cases and issues.

Episode 1: Largest Bitcoin Seizure in DOJ History – Crypto Can Be Traced!

Husch Blackwell's Gregg Sofer is joined by Partners Tim Garrison and Scott Glabe to discuss the largest-ever government financial seizure of more than $3.6 billion in cryptocurrency. This fascinating case demonstrates the government’s ability to trace Bitcoin and raises interesting issues related to money laundering, DOJ priorities and the current cryptocurrency enforcement landscape. It also gives new meaning to the term bad rap! 


Gregg N. Sofer


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