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Speaker, "Part 2 – Risk Mitigation," Attorney's Conference for Non-Attorneys

Speaking Engagements

Gina Carter and Marci Kawski will co-present "Part 2 – Risk Mitigation" at the Attorney’s Conference for Non-Attorneys on Wednesday, November 10, 2021.

Many credit unions look to an arbitration program to help minimize legal risks, and some credit unions are considering the implementation of arbitration clauses as a dispute resolution technique in resolving legal disputes. Learn more about adopting an arbitration clause in this session.  This session will also provide general risk mitigation strategies to help protect credit unions along with more specific strategies related to cybersecurity and employer HR risks in a changing workplace.

The following topics will be covered:

  • CMG Bond Claims Update
  • HR/Employer Risks
  • Arbitration clauses
  • Remote Capture update 

For more information about this event, see the Attorney’s Conference for Non-Attorneys website.


Gina Carter

Of Counsel

Marci V. Kawski